Cotto-Alvarez winner is to face Golovkin by WBC

Gennady Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler said that the winner of the Alvarez-Cotto fight would face undefeated Triple G. 

“The WBC has mandated that the winner of Cotto-Canelo fight the winner of Golovkin-Lemieux,” Loeffler told BoxingScene.com.

The president of WBC Mauricio Suliaman confirmed the statement by an e-mail.

Golovkin’s coach Abel Sanchez predicts a KO in the fourth round of the fight against Lemieux. “I think that both guys at the beginning will be aware of each other. I think by the time the second round comes, I think Golovkin will have established his jab (…) In the third round, I think they have a good round between the both of them and in the fourth round Golovkin knocks him out,” Sanchez told On The Ropes Boxing Radioz.
Sanchez added that he wanted Alvarez to fight Golovkin. 

"I think Canelo is the bigger fight. I think Canelo brings more of the fan base that Gennady is acquiring also. The Mexicans love their sacrifice and I think anywhere in the States, anywhere in the Southern part of the States, it would be huge. If Canelo beats Cotto then obviously Canelo is the bigger fight. If Cotto beats Canelo I still think Canelo would be the bigger fight because he brings more people to the table," Sanchez told On The Ropes Boxing Radio.”

“If Cotto wins against Canelo, I don't think Cotto wants anything to do with Golovkin. I think he's running from Golovkin...I think that Canelo himself being a young gun and having that Mexican following, he's not going to shy away from a tough fight," Sanchez told BoxingScene.com.
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